We quantify your investment through detailed engineering and financial modeling.

Our phased approach reduces your risk by giving you a clear understanding of your investment before you spend any money. 

De-Risking your Solar PV Investment

Whether Roof Top, Ground Mounted, Micro-Grid or Carport Solar PV projects, our Estimated Maximum Price process provides you with a clear understanding of your investment, savings and payback before any money is spent.

At each stage we refine the energy and financial performance of your Solar PV system to ensure you are comfortable with your investment. 

1. We Listen 

Understanding your objectives is important to determining the system that your need.

2. Audit

Defines your technical requirements and your systems energy and financial performance.

3. Permitting

Upon signing the contract, we design your system and submit documentation permitting.

4. Installation

With your permit granted, we purchase the equipment and install the system so you start saving.

5. After Sales 

We monitor and maintain your system to ensure optimal operations so that you keep saving.

How Solar Works